About Us

We have been saving for 60 years in a safe, quality and healthy way.

As the leading plastic kitchen and bathroom articles in Turkey, we make life easy for the consumers, providing products which protect their health and environment. While our products store all your requirements from lovely food cooked at home to the most favourite toys of the children and indispensables of a season opening party, we also save the highest standards and values throughout all processes.


To become leader in he sector by providing innovative, quality and reliable products to contribute to improvement of life quality of the consumers; deal with social organizations to the benefit of the society and constantly develop in economic and environmental sense.


To address to all expectations of people from all strata, giving priority to customer satisfation, quality and social compliance. And, when meeting such expectations, to produce unique plastic products made of environment friendly materials by taking advantage of the most advanced technology, giving no harm to the environment and making no compromise from quality and in such quality to comply with price and affordable for the consumers with the most excellent functionality

Our Brands

  • MonoTone

    No raw material, colourant or additive which may pose threat against the human health and environment is used.

  • HitBox

    When we save all your requirements, we alse save highest standards and values throughout our processes.

  • Corona

    Leading brand with high quality standards and product availability in the domestic production for HoReCa sector: Corona!

  • Hip

    The trademark Hip offers you joyful use with its well-designed products which make the plastic stylish.


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You may share with us all your questions, comments and suggestions. We shall return you as soon as possible. Thank you for your kind interest.